Life Expectations


Franz Josef Glacier – New Zealand

My name is Meg.

That’s me in the bottom left-hand corner. I have no idea what I’m taking a photo of as the glacier is behind me.. but I’m sure it was spectacular. This photo was taken during my tramping days. I mean tramping in the ‘travelling’ sense. Not as in homeless, begging people for money to feed an addiction. Or just to feed me in general. I have had some misfortune in my life, but nothing like that. I’ve always had a place to call home, and for that I am greatly thankful to my parents.

Anyway, I digress..

I’m not sure if anyone is even remotely interested in what I have to say. I’m not particularly pretty or clever. I have no  make-up tips or ways to make your hair shinier. I’m not political and I don’t have any real sense of what’s going on in the world. All I know is Donald Trump is bad news. And I cried a little bit that time Ed Miliband fell off a stage. Poor guy.

I’m not here to patronise or judge. Or brag about all the places I’ve been in the world. I want to help people take that scary step and find their adventure. Because that is what life should be. An adventure.

Today, we are so restricted by expectations of how we are meant to live our lives. Go to college, go to university, meet a guy/gal, get married, buy a house, have babies. Retire on a good pension that you have been paying in to since you were 21. Have grand-kids. Spend your money on them, and then die. Because that is ultimately what happens to us all. It’s not a particularly nice thought, but one day we will all end up in the ground as worm food. (Bet you’re glad you came here, right?)

It’s not all doom and gloom. What I want to say, is that everyone is in control of their own lives and their own happiness. There is no right or wrong way to live.

If you ever hear someone talk about ‘finding themselves’, that is exactly what travelling does. I don’t mean in a spiritual way (although I’m sure for some people it is), but the life lessons you learn when you are on the road and completely out of your comfort zone, is something that can’t be taught at any university in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way scrutinizing people who choose to further their education. But you will never really know your full potential, until you are in an unfamiliar country, with no one to rely on but yourself.

There will always be someone asking you if you’ve really thought it through. Are you sure you want to leave your job? It has such great career prospects! Aunt Lorraine is pregnant. Do you really want to miss your cousin being born? There are a million reasons not to leave. But be assured, it is the same for everyone. Taking the big step to leave is the bravest thing a person can do. The world is a beautiful place. Only when you’re stood at the foot of a mountain can you look at your life and truly put things in perspective. Life is so precious. And the memories you make in life, are priceless.

So, once again. Hi, I’m Meg. I’ve had a pretty hectic 27 years, but here I am. I lived to tell the tale and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you. There’s been ups and downs, but I would not change a second. Because every silly mistake I’ve made or bus I’ve missed, has led me to the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. My husband.



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